Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guess Who's Four?

Well Emi had a big birthday today. Four years old!

We had just a small thing at home tonight. Emi got to choose dinner. Nope, not pizza or McDonalds. She wanted grilled cheese and alphabet soup.

Couldn't find the soup, so we made some homemade tomato soup with pasta in it.

The cake will wait until Saturday when Auntie Lisa and Baba (grandma) come over.

Emi got some books from her parents, some puppy dog slippers from her sister and some money from her grandpa and great grandma in the states. (better spend it quick, the dollars value goes lower every day!)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Emi!
You are growing more and more like a big girl. I am so proud of you. I miss you so much, I cannot wait to see you again!!