Monday, September 22, 2008

Erik is Here!

Our good friend Erik came to Okinawa to visit.
Well, really he came for his job, but we were able to meet up with him on Sunday.

It was so good to see him after 9 years, although he did leave his better half at home...
Just kidding, we look forward to seeing Crystal soon.

After church we went to an Okinawan restaurant (Ukaji).

Here is Erik eating Pig's Foot Soup (Tebichi).

Just kidding, that is actually what Debe's mom ordered.

Next was Kakazu Ridge which has a decent view of Ginowan City.

Then we stopped at Tropical Beach for a bit.
It is still quite warm here during the day - about 31 degrees C.

Then we went to one of our favorite restaurants On-Dish.
It wasn't as good as we remembered, but at least it was still all -you-can-eat ice cream.

Well Erik, hope you enjoy your stay here. Hope the kids didn't drive you too crazy!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Christian Surfers Japan Outreach

The "Christian Surfers of Japan" is a group that outreaches to other surfers here in Japan. Tonight they were in Okinawa and had this cool outreach.

They showed a movie about Bethany Hamilton, the young lady surfer who lost an arm to a shark while surfing.

She may have lost an arm, but she found a new purpose: to share with others the love of Jesus. Amazing testimony in such a young girl.

There was also a performance by Hakugaijin, as well as hula.

Teresa came over from Ishigaki and several folks from our church participated. Great turnout!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Respect For the Elderly Day

Well last Monday was "Respect for the Elderly Day." Shouldn't every day be?

Anyway, the girls made their "Baba" (grandma) these cute cards.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Our Town #2 保育園 Preschool

Debe takes the kids to preschool 3 or 4 times a week.
She is not leaving them there, but they go to play and interact with the other kids.

Emi just loves playing with other kids, so she has a blast.
Mika is not yet 2, but she enjoys anything that Emi is enjoying.

The best part is that we can do this at no cost!
It is a "service" that they provide to the community (provided the parent remains with the kid).

Tuesday is "Pool Day":

Monday, September 01, 2008

First Service

Well, we had the first service in the new building yesterday.

The new cafe looks beautiful. It is nice to all be in one room, instead of three.

There is more parking, which is nice, although even with the 18 or so spaces, we run out too quickly.

For now, the cafe (the middle of 3 floors) will be used for both the sanctuary (Sunday AM service) and the cafe (Sunday PM). When the bottom floor is completed, that will become the sanctuary.

The top floor is used for children's ministries and the Bible College classes. It is cool that they are all together in one building now, so that things like bibles, supplies and friends do not need to be brought from building to building.

We had a potluck to celebrate the new space. Of course, we all ate too much!