Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 13: Christmas Cookies

Tonight was "Make Christmas Cookies."

ow Debe and I like to cook and bake, but we have not baked much with the girls.
We knew this would be a challenge (and it was!).

They turned out pretty good, though.

This was actually practice; Debe will be making and decorating cookies at preschool (good luck with that!)


Crystal said...

Mika and Emi are so cute! The cookies came out great. I think it's funny that you have do-rags on...guess you were anticipating the worst. Must be the sign of smart parents.

The Pallmanns said...

To be honest, the hair was the least of our worries. The fingers! They are constantly in the mouth, the nose, the other kids nose! We kept stopping to "wash hands."

They actually have to wear all the gear at preschool and elementary school, so this was practice for that too.