Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 21: Courtney Fest

Tonight was Camp Courtney's Christmas Fest.
Once a year, Camp Courtney (a military base near our house) opens their gates to the public.

Tons of locals show up to ride the rides, eat American food, and listen to the free music.

We like to go so we can hit the Subway shop.

Anyway this year was fun as the girls were both able to enjoy it. Last year Mika slept the whole time, which was good because she was too small to do anything.

Highlights were the pony rides. (funny story: they gave the girls a half a carrot, so they could feed the ponies... and Emi started eating it!)

Both girls love trains, so the free train ride was a hit.


Anonymous said...

EMI!! How was the carrot...ohh..I mean the pony rides...

The Pallmanns said...

It was actually a very traumatic experience for her! She was so upset (and embarrassed) that she refused to ride the pony for several minutes.

Thankfully she got over it and enjoyed the rest of the evening!