Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The "New" Abode

Here are a few shots of our new place - it is not "new", but it is new for us.

We really like the area we are in now. It is much closer to things and to people.

Our place is more Japanese style (which we like a lot).

By Japanese style we mean:

There is a entrance area called a genkan, where the shoes come off.

There is a tatami room, where the floor is made of straw mats - great for sitting or sleeping.

One thing that is not Japanese style is the veranda area.

Most apartments have only enough space for hanging laundry. This one is quite large and it was important that the girls had a place to play (since we live on a busy road).

Well, our prayer is that God will use this house for His ministry.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moving House

Well we did it. We moved our house.

Um, no not like that exactly... (we wish we had that house, or that truck for that matter).

Our truck was more like this:

The move was made so much easier with the help of some really cool guys (thanks a lot to Sosimo, Tom, Joel and Daniel!)

Only problem now is unpacking!!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Yup! Moving again!

If you've been keeping track, that's 3 moves in 5 years. Crazy.

We are moving for 2 reasons:
1) Due to the high cost of gasoline and food, we are desiring to decrease some of our expenses. Also, Debe's Mom is moving out, so we don't need as large an apartment.

2) More importantly, we want to be closer to town. We are here to reach the people of Ishikawa, but it has been difficult to meet folks where we currently live. Plus, this will put us closer to pre-school and kindergarten which Emi will start soon.

We believe this is the right move (God's will), so we are looking forward to seeing what He has in store!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


No, no, not the eating kind of luau. This was the name of this year's "Hawaiian Summit" -- Okinawa's version of the Merrie Monarch (on a much smaller scale, of course)

It was very interesting as many hula halaus came from all over Japan.

Debe's halau also performed (sorry the pictures are not the best).

It was pretty cool as they set up the stage right on Moon Beach; just 10 minutes or so from where we live.

Sure did make us homesick for Hawai'i, though...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

budding photographer

Emi has figured out how to take pictures with the camera.

She is pretty quick to figure this stuff out. Other things she can do: 1) load/unload the VCR/DVD player; 2) start the cassette player in the car (with her toes); and 3) spot a "McDonalds" from great distances. Not that we eat there a lot, but she loves the play area they have.

Well, here are some shots of her favorite subject: sister Mika.

They are not even close to being professional, but she is enjoying herself. At least it doesn't waste film!