Monday, December 01, 2008

Day 1: The Tree

Well, this being the first day, we introduced the idea of a calendar (and days and months) to Emi and Mika.

Emi knows that the days have names thanks to the "Days of the week" song.

She also knows that her birthday is in December. I think she suspects this is all for her...
12月で恵美の誕生日も分かります。 たぶん、クリスマスの祝いは「全部は私のために」恵美と思います。

Nah, just kidding, she knows that Jesus also has a birthday (observed) in December.
ちがいます、冗談です。 イエスの誕生日分かりました。

Well the first card instructed us to "Set up Tree".
第一のカードは 「クリスマスツリーを立てます」を指図しました。

This was not a surprise, since we had written the cards.
不思議じゃなかった。 私達はカードを書いた。

Setting up the tree was quick and easy; it was tempting to decorate it.
クリスマスツリーの立てるは簡単です。 もっとを飾りしたい。

However, today was to focus on just the tree.

As a symbol of "life", since evergreens stay green all year long.
木が命の象徴します。 常緑樹はいつもみどりです。

So the tree is a reminder of life -- the life that God gives us, first physically and then spiritually as well.

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