Thursday, March 29, 2007

First Blood

Well it had to happen some day.

Today Emi had her first serious injury. Well, maybe "serious" is too strong a word. There was a little blood shed however. (Her mom almost passed out.)

This was Emi's first injury -- well, unless you count the time Dan got a caught a little finger skin while trimming her nails. Now that was some blood shed! (That time her father almost passed out.) He still feels really bad about that one...

Anyway, getting boo-boos is a part of life, right? Nothing a fruity ice couldn't fix!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Passion Week

Next week our church is having a Passion Week.

We know from the Gospels what Jesus did each day of the very last week before the Crucifixion. So for "Passion week", each night will have a study on what He did.

Since Christ was Crucified on a Friday, there will be a showing of "The Passion of the Christ." We showed it last year and packed out the Coffee House, so this year a Community Center has been rented. Please pray that many will attend.

I recently had a student ask me why we used the word "Passion", since it sounded strange in Japanese. I realized that although I had heard and even used the word I had to admit I was not sure why. So I promised to find out.

As you may already know, "passion" in this context means "suffering", or "agony" rather than the more common usage of "something we love or desire."

So, now I know.

Anyway, I guess "Passion Week" sounds a lot more inviting than "A week of Suffering."

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well several people have made comments about which daughter looks like which parent. (Wow! Mika looks just like her mother!)

Of course, we sometimes hear the exact opposite: (Hey! Mika looks just like her father, huh?)

My thought is: Yeah, they should look like both their parents.

Anyway to me, they kind of look similar to each other.
These pictures are at about two weeks old. Can you tell which is Emi and which is Mika?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Two Girls

So we heard all these "stories" about how first-borns react to new siblings.

And actually they were mostly "Horror Stories!"

It is still early, but so far Emi has been really good with Mika.

She helps with getting new diapers and wants to hold her daily. We hope that she'll be changing diapers and babysitting by age 3. (just kidding)

Anyway, it really is a blessing that (so far) they get along and we pray that they will be the bestest of friends.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

New School

Well, we have made a decision...

Dan will be working in Okinawa City at Bito Junior High School.

He is looking forward to working at a Junior High School again. Since moving to Okinawa, he has only worked at the Elementary School level.

This was fun, but he is looking forward to a change. School starts in April.

The only thing is...the English Teacher before him was one of those "Super Teachers", so there will undoubtedly be a high level of expectation.

This may explain why Dan has been heard muttering "I am up to the challenge!"

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Decision...

Like most English teaching jobs in Japan, Dan's has a one year contract. This is so the BOE's can get around paying bonuses & promotions that other teachers get. Also, if an English teacher is not wanted for the next year, then they simply do not hire them again.

So every February/March many English teachers will run around doing job interviews in hopes of securing another year's employment.

This year, Dan has two offers. He needs to make a decision. Soon.

One option is to continue at an Elementary School in Naha City. He has worked there 4 years and can pretty much do (teach) whatever he likes. Plus, this next year has him pegged to work at a school 5 minutes walk from where he lives.

The second option is to work at a Junior High School in Okinawa City. This means commuting everyday and working a little later, but it pays slightly more.

We want to go where God is leading us, so would you please pray for His direction?

Mama's Home!

Well, it was an interesting time while Debe was in the hospital.
We all had to pitch in more than usual; Baba (Debe's mom) was a big help watching Emi.

Timing-wise, it was perfect: Dan's last day of work was March 9, so now he is available to take over Debe's classes and help around the house.

One person in particular was very excited to have Debe home -- Emi.

Of course, she visited her mama all five days she was in the hospital, but was so happy to have her back.

So far, she really likes the idea of being a big sister... we'll see how long that lasts!

Since mama had a new baby, Emi got a new toy her 2nd favorite character, Elmo (she already has her favorite, Pooh)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mika Has Arrived

Well, our family is growing.

Mika Lei Pallmann was born at 3:09 on March 8, 2007.

She was 2926 Grams -- or 6.4 pounds.

Debe did an awesome job and didn't even use an epidural.

The hospital staff was great as well -- they even prayed for us at the end.

We all are awaiting mom and baby's return home next week (In Japan they usually will stay for 7 days)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Prayer Requests

We have several upcoming events planned.

If you get a chance, please lift these up before the Lord:
  • This week/next week?: Debe gives birth
  • March 11: "Fire Typhoon" (Youth Outreach)
  • March 27: Mission Team from Virginia arrives
  • March 31: Outreach @ Futenma Chapel
  • April 1~8: Passion Week: (meeting each night - corresponds to the last week of Jesus' life)
  • April 3: Mission Team from California arrives
  • April 6: Showing of "The Passion" @ Ganeko Community Center
  • April 7: Outreach @ Mihama
  • April 8: Sunrise Service @ Tropical Beach
  • April 12~14: Worship Conference

Please pray that the Gospel will be expressed clearly at all these events.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Baby Shower

Well, the church wanted to bless Debe with a baby shower.

It really was a blessing too! We have enough newborn diapers for almost 6 months!

It was a big encouragement for Debe as she will give birth any day now.

It is comforting to know that no matter where we go in the world, there are other Christians there, so you have family anywhere you go.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Girls Day

March 3 is Girl's Day in Japan.

It is a day to celebrate and appreciate girls.

Special foods include: Chirashi Sushi, Sakura Mochi and Clam soup

Some girls (with well off parents or grandparents) will have these beautiful dolls.

It's a shame though, as expensive and beautiful as they are, they are only displayed for a few weeks and then put away for the next year.

It is important that they are not left out too long, as this means a long wait for marriage.

Just another of the many superstitions that people don't really believe, but continue to perpetuate.