Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 12: Shopping

Well day 12 is here, which means we are halfway through our 24 "Days of Christmas."

In case you missed it, we are counting down the days until Christmas with some sort of event each day. The events are mostly tied to the true meaning of Christmas (the birth of Christ), although there are a few "just for fun" events thrown in there. This is to teach our girls the true meaning of Christmas before they are too exposed to the world's view.

Tonight was "Go Shopping." While this is something we usually do at Christmas (or year-round, really), we pointed out that the reason that we give gifts to each other. God gave us the most wonderful free gift of all, a way of salvation. It is free because we cannot earn it, we cannot buy it. All we can do is accept it.

Tonight the girls bought a gift for "Baba" (grandma), and for Auntie Lisa, so we cannot show you what they bought!

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