Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Please pray for Debe's mom, Hiroko, as she has gallstones.

She is now undergoing several tests and will likely have surgery soon to remove her gallbladder.

This would never be "good" news, but at least during the summer Dan is off from work and is available to drive to the hospital for the tests. So far, she has had an MRI, a CT scan and a camera down her throat. Sounds fun.

Well, please pray for Hiroko and her doctors that everything goes well!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wednesday night with the kids

Every Wednesday night our church has a church service. This includes times of worship songs, prayer and a message from the Word. Right now, we are going through Exodus.

What is cool, is that whenever the adults meet for service, there is something planned for the kids (on their level).

This night was "Shepherd Night" (they have a different theme each week), so the kids all looked cute in their shepherd garb.

Of course, Emi's only lasted about 5 minutes, so she isn't in the group shot...but she had fun learning how God looks for the lost sheep.