Monday, March 05, 2007

Prayer Requests

We have several upcoming events planned.

If you get a chance, please lift these up before the Lord:
  • This week/next week?: Debe gives birth
  • March 11: "Fire Typhoon" (Youth Outreach)
  • March 27: Mission Team from Virginia arrives
  • March 31: Outreach @ Futenma Chapel
  • April 1~8: Passion Week: (meeting each night - corresponds to the last week of Jesus' life)
  • April 3: Mission Team from California arrives
  • April 6: Showing of "The Passion" @ Ganeko Community Center
  • April 7: Outreach @ Mihama
  • April 8: Sunrise Service @ Tropical Beach
  • April 12~14: Worship Conference

Please pray that the Gospel will be expressed clearly at all these events.

1 comment:

B in Kyushu said...

Wow looks like you got a busy schedule, eh?! Lifted you up in prayer!