Saturday, March 17, 2007

New School

Well, we have made a decision...

Dan will be working in Okinawa City at Bito Junior High School.

He is looking forward to working at a Junior High School again. Since moving to Okinawa, he has only worked at the Elementary School level.

This was fun, but he is looking forward to a change. School starts in April.

The only thing is...the English Teacher before him was one of those "Super Teachers", so there will undoubtedly be a high level of expectation.

This may explain why Dan has been heard muttering "I am up to the challenge!"


Anonymous said...

Dan, I am sure you will soon be one of their "super teachers" as well:D

Anonymous said...

Dan ni-ni- wa Super desuyo:)


Trevor Raichura said...

Dan is Superer than the guy he's replacing! Trust me, I know!!! Ganbatte Dan-san! And take good care of my beloved students!