Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Purity Retreat

Last weekend was the annual Purity Retreat for 6th Grade students.

We separated the boys and girls, so I had a group of 16.

Prayer before the main message time. After the message we broke into small groups, each with an adult leader. I heard some great discussions!
Earlier in the day, we did some team-building activities at the park. In teams, the boys needed to assist each other in order to make it through the "gauntlet".  I saw some awesome teamwork that they do not normally exhibit.

 We finished up at the park with lunch at the beach and then headed over to "Round 1": a sports adventure facility. 3 hours of soccer/basketball/video games/ archery/batting cages, etc.

Chaplain Sorley was a big help, as were 3 dads who volunteered.

We had Subway sandwiches for dinner.

Anyway, the boys had a blast and they definitely heard God's vision of remaining pure, not only in our actions, but our thoughts and hearts as well.

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