Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Resurrection Day!

A little late:
some pics from our busy Easter.

1st, we had the empty tomb.
Trying to explain what Easter is really about, we felt this was a good way to show it. We put Jesus in the tomb on Friday and told the girls to wait until they see what happens on Sunday.

So on Sunday, they see this:

The empty tomb! We even had Jesus standing in triumph on top.
I thought they understood until Mika grabbed Jesus and started stuffing Him back in the tomb!

Okay, so we're still working on some things...

Then we had a sunrise (Sonrise) service on the roof. Perfect weather.

This was followed by breakfast down in the cafe. Too busy eating to get any pictures.

After breakfast we had about an hour before the regular service, so we ran the girls to a park.

While we had a regular service, the kids were back on the roof looking for eggs (plastic, of course).

It was a good day, although quite tiring...


Ping said...

Love your dress, Debe!

goodcookbecky said...

Awww I love the sleeping angels.. and the family picture is really cute too! We miss you guys!!!!

Our kids have 5 more weeks of school left. Hope you are well. Any trips to the Mainland planned?