Saturday, April 11, 2009

Foot Washing

Why is Emi washing Mika's feet?

Well, it is part of our Passion Week devotions.

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday, which marks the last week that Jesus spent on the earth.
We have been doing a special devotion time with our girls. Since they are so young, we are trying to "do something", rather than just talk about it.

So for Palm Sunday, the girls had made Palm leaves. On Tuesday, we talked about "The Widow's Mite." Wednesday: Foot washing, and how we ought to do things for other people.

Friday was difficult; explaining crucifixion to toddlers. We elected to make a clay mountain with "Pipe-cleaner" men. We ended with Jesus in the tomb and the words, "Let's see what happens next..."

Man, this parenting stuff is challenging, but fun too.


Trevor Raichura said...

It's been such a blessing to see how you guys are pouring into your kids, teaching them the Bible even at such a young age! Praise the Lord!

goodcookbecky said...

That is so awesome!!! Hope you are well. Miss you guys. Any chance of coming to Mainland again?