Friday, February 20, 2009

Please Pray

Please lift up Mika in your prayers.

She has had a fever for the past 4 days. Her temperature got as high as 40.4 a few times, which is quite high (104.5 F)!

Doctors have ruled out the flu, pneumonia, strep, and bacterial infection, so it is just a bad cold I guess. Please pray that 1) Mika will recover soon, and 2) No one else catches this nasty cold.

I'll say this for the Japanese health care system: No way would an x-ray, a test for flu, another test for strep, and consultations with 2 doctors cost only $18 in the US!


goodcookbecky said...

We will be praying she gets well soon! Thanks for the Christmas presents btw. The kids loved the candy.. Debra was ready to eat them until she realized they were erasers! Hehe

Love ya,
D & B

Anonymous said...

Baby girl, hang in there!! I will pary for you.

Natsuki said...

poor little Mika... praying! Pallman family minna ganbatte!

Daniel in Daejeon said...

praying for you mika! love ya lil friend!

The Pallmanns said...

一週間は すごい長い!


Thank you everyone for praying.
A whole week; such a long time!

Today Mika's temperature was pretty much normal (Praise God!)

Hopefully, she is well again...