Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Longs

We got to visit with Brent and Kyomi Long. They live up in Motobu, so they were just 5 minutes away. We get to see them once in a while, but it had been 1 1/2 years since we last visited.

Brent leads a small fellowship here -- mostly Junior High Schoolers. So we wanted to stop and visit, and we hoped that we might be an encouragement to them.

Brent shared a message from Romans 14:23b "...anything that is not of faith, is sin."
Kind of a sobering thought; anything that we do without faith, without trusting God... is sin.
It was a good, encouraging word from the Lord.

We all stayed after service for some sandwiches and fellowship.

Funny, we went thinking we would encourage the Longs, but they ended up encouraging us!

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