Monday, January 12, 2009

Breakfast in Japan

Without a doubt one of our favorite meals of the day is breakfast (the food, not the time).

However, in Japan, you cannot always get a good western style breakfast (still trying to get used to fish, rice and soup for breakfast).

It seems that the few places that offer the "most important meal of the day" are lacking. They either only offer "toast and coffee" and/or they don't open till 10 or 11:00. There has been many a time that we lamented the lack of an IHOP or even a Royal Host.

So you can imagine our excitement when we heard of an actual Pancake House nearby in Yomitan Village.

Since today was one of the few holidays we are both free, we decided to take advantage of it.

The food was really good too! The only problem was, the girls (in one of their "hungry" moods) ate most of our food. Oh well, next time we'll order more than two plates.

Since we were up in Yomitan anyway, we drove by Cape Zampa to see the cliffs and the lighthouse. Great views, but it was really windy and cold. It's a good thing Emi wore her "Eskimo" jacket.

Near the cape is this rest area. For some reason they have a bunch of goats!

Next to the rest area is this big hotel that has the biggest Shisa we've ever seen.

You can tell how big it is compared to Emi.

Well it was fun to see the sights, even though Mika slept through most of it!


Anonymous said...

Eat more, look so small, haha! Love you, girl

Trevor Raichura said...

Whoa, great discovery! I will have to check it out someday. It's not far from OCSI, eh?

I wonder if they got their name from a character in The Count of Monte Cristo... I'm not sure of the spelling, but the J is pronounced as a Y, just like the guy in the movie!

Anyways, I oughta put as much time into my own blog as I've put into this comment... well, be blessed guys!

Anonymous said...

Trust me, you don't miss IHOP.
Went there Saturday...bad...really bad..