Sunday, July 16, 2006

Break Dancing?

If you like most people, you probably think of breakdancing as "something from the 1980's."

Today in Japan, however, it is as popular as ever. There are school clubs and other groups that meet regularly to practice "breaking" and "popping".

So last night was "Rhythm Unity 6" (the "6" meaning this was the 6th time to have this event). This is a competition with a gospel message presented. (and no, I was not competing!)

Now many people might not associate dancing with an opportunity to reach others with the gospel. Especially when much of the music in breakdancing uses questionable lyrics.
So for this event, the music is carefully screened and selected.

Many young people came -- these are people that probably would not come to church. There were several testimonies and a Gospel presentation.

Praise God that several young people prayed to receive Christ and a lot of literature was given away!

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