Sunday, July 02, 2006


So today was a pretty cool day:

First we had the first service in the new building.
The church in Ginowan outgrew the Ruiz's house.

Afterwards, we went to Tropical Beach for Fun, Food and Fellowship.

One other thing planned was some baptisms.

Yumi led us in a time of worship first.

It was neat because, being a public beach, there was a lot of the public there and they were quite interested in what was going on.

Pastor Tom is speaking with those wishing to get baptized.

Baptism is a very serious step in Japan. Despite what the Bible teaches, many people here feel you aren't really a Christian until you've been baptized.

Praise God! 7 people made a very public profession of faith. Especially exciting to us were three young Japanese men. Perhaps they will get called to be Pastor's in the future?

Even greater than baptisms: 2 others prayed to accept the Lord after many had gone home.

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