Friday, August 26, 2011


Well we have been settling in our new place in Yomitan (pics coming soon!) and have been quite busy getting ready for the new school year.  Much has happened, but without internet it has been difficult to post.

To sum up though, God has been so, so good to us.  We arrived with a few suitcases, but had no transportation, no furniture and no place to live.  We knew that we were where God led us, so we knew that He would meet our needs...eventually -- in His timing, of course.  Each day it seemed, God would bless us with one more thing.

Just one month later, we had an almost fully furnished apartment and vehicle provided.  God has been so good to us and we want to do our part to work with Him.

We are now serving with Okinawa Christian School International (OCSI) and it has been an incredible 2 weeks of orientation.  Again, to sum it up briefly, we were encouraged many times to remember our purpose as disciple-makers.

OCSI is a K3 - 12 Grade school with about 380 students.  Pray for us as we daily share God's love with them.

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