Monday, April 25, 2011

Feliz Pascoa!

That is, Happy Passover (Easter)!

We have been enjoying a couple of Portuguese Easter traditions.

Easter Bread

If you are familiar with Portuguese Sweet Bread, this is almost the same (it is not quite as sweet).  The Cross on top has an obvious meaning.  Inside, is the "sursprise":

There is an egg inside.  The egg being a symbol of New Life.  As I understand it, the egg is cooked along with the bread in the oven (it still has its shell). 


Despite the big yawn, the girls were really excited about Easter Morning.  Of course, we focused on the true meaning of Easter-- we watched a Veggietales Easter video (the new one), which was really well done and very clearly speaks of why we celebrate Easter.

They do love their chocolate here.  Although you can get the chocolate bunnies, more popular seems to be Chocolate Eggs.

Unfortunately, Mika had a bad cold, so we had to cancel on the Sunrise Service. 

She also had to wait on her chocolate egg!

She was feeling well enough to sing along with Dan, though:

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