Friday, December 03, 2010

Book Review: On this Day in Christian History, by Robert J. Morgan

On this day in Christian History by Robert J Morgan is a book with an interesting approach. Each day of the year you can read about an important event in Christian history. Naturally, the book is arranged by date, with one page for each day. While this would not be an appropriate replacement for daily Bible study, it does give some fascinating episodes in Christian history. Morgan chooses some interesting people to include, although not all would be considered “heroes” of the faith.

However, while the events included are significant, one is left wondering what was left out. As there is only one event listed per day, surely other important events were not included. In fact, in most cases the “Day it happened” is totally irrelevant. Also, while there is an index arranged by subject, it would have been better to have an index of persons. I will likely remember an event, even a name, but surely I will not be able to remember the day that it happened making it difficult to find later. Still, even with these minor annoyances, Morgan has done an admirable job of presenting a variety of incidents in a brief, interesting manner.

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