Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chestnut Day

If you are not familiar with "Chestnut Day", well perhaps you aren't Portuguese.  It is a day to honor not only chestnuts, but "Saint Martin."  As the story/legend goes, Martin was riding along in the rain and came across a beggar getting drenched.  He gave the beggar his own tunic and rode off.  Miraculously, the sun came out.  What this has to do with chestnuts, I have no idea.

On November 11, it is Portuguese custom to remember this saint by downing large quantities of roasted chestnuts and an alcoholic beverage.  At our school celebration we of course did not have any alcohol, but we did roast chestnuts and the students sang a song in Portuguese.

Mika is wearing a traditional Portuguese outfit.


Ping said...

Wow, she is growing big! Still so so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Dan-san, choo omoshiroi. I wanted to know about the chestnut day and was reading your blog and...just made me laugh.
Mika chan, kawaii ne.