Saturday, June 26, 2010

Turquoise Wedding Anniversary

Well it was 17 years ago today that we "tied the knot." Apparently, this is the "Turpuoise" anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, I took Debe to the dentist for a cleaning (I know, real romantic). Well we are trying to get some dental checks and cleanings before we move, as we will not have dental coverage like we do now.

After the dentist we went out for lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant, Jaithai. We like to get the special lunch platter.

It's quite tasty and large enough that I get to finish Debe's plate. We followed lunch with some green tea ice cream. It was nice to have a relaxed meal without worrying about spills, loud voices and footsies at the table (since the kiddos were with grandma).

Okay, we still did footsies...

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Anonymous said...

I love this pic.
Happy Anniversary!