Monday, March 08, 2010

Mika is 3 years old!

Well 3 years sure do go by quickly! It seems just like yesterday we brought home this little baby. Mika is 3 now! She is now speaking in full sentences (non-stop!); learning to use the potty (not perfect yet); and loves to read books. Okay, she isn't reading yet, but loves books just the same.

To celebrate her special day, we went to the Okinawa Zoo.

Inside the zoo is the Wonder Museum. They had a special reading section, so we read some books.
For dinner, we made one of Mika's favorite meals: Goya (bittermelon).

With sister Emi and Auntie Lisa.

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goodcookbecky said...

Happy Birthday Mika!!!!
Wish we were closer!
Love Aunt Becky and Uncle Dave