Monday, January 25, 2010

Book Review

I received this book in the mail the other day. I was familiar with Charles Stanley's radio program, In Touch, but had not yet read his written work. So I looked forward to reading, "How to Reach your Full Potential for God."

I will admit to wondering if this was another book that mixes "Religion" with "Secular Philosophy", due to the subtitle, "Never settle for less than His best." It was a relief therefore to find that this book is Biblically based and never gets into "Name it and Claim it" promises.

Rather, after establishing that we were created for a purpose, Stanley lays out seven "essentials", or principles to being in God's Will and fulfilling His purpose: “A Clean Heart”, “A Clear Mind”, “Using your Gifts”, “A Healthy Body”, “Right Relationships”, “A Balanced Schedule” and “Taking God-approved Risks.”

Each of these principles is given its own chapter. By following these principles we will put aside the things that come between us and God. We will then be free to hear from God and be led by Him.

I found this book to be timely, well written and Biblical:

  • Timely, because too often people wonder "why they are here", or "why God isn't speaking to me?", yet they take no action to find out why.
  • Well written, because Stanley uses a balance of logic and true-life experiences, yet bases them all on God's Word.
  • Biblical. Stanley neither adds to, nor twists scripture to fit his thesis.

I appreciated the positive, Biblical message; it truly encouraged me to reach for my full potential for God. If you are interested in becoming your all and doing your all for God, then I would recommend this book.

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