Friday, November 20, 2009

Talking to the OCHEA kids

Today we got to speak to the kids of OCHEA. OCHEA stands for the Okinawa CHristian Educators Association (AKA Home-schoolers). We joined this year when Emi began Kindergarten (she is due to start Japanese Kindergarten this April).

This group of kids meet together to have class together. They have a Missions Class on Fridays and we were asked to share about our life and ministry. Since the ages ranged from 4 - 15, we decided to have a few games to keep their interest.

We were impressed with the good questions that they asked and we had a good time.


David Pallmann said...

Happy Birthday, Dan! Love, David, Becky, Susan, Debra, Jonathan, and Dad (visiting California. Hope you had a great birthday!

The Pallmanns said...

Thank you for the wishes.
Honestly, I'm at the age now where I'd rather forget how old I'm becoming, but I appreciate the well wishes nonetheless.