Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Independence Day

July 4th, while a huge summer holiday in the US, is obviously not a holiday in Japan. That said, due to the large number of Americans here, you can always find a BBQ or something to go to.
In fact, even Kadena AFB opens it's gates to the public for it's "America Fest"; kind of an open house that includes game booths, food, live bands and even fireworks.

In the end, we decided to stay at home and avoid the crowds (and loud music) -- it gets a little too late for the kids. However, we decided to BBQ, Japanese style: Yakiniku!

But first, we took advantage of the day off by going to this great fish restaurant. The girls were learning about fish this week and this place has about 6 fish tanks and tons of other things as decor.
Here are some blowfish lights:

Yes, that is Mika in the background.

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Trevor Raichura said...

I'm always blessed by your blog, friends! I love seeing all the fun things you do with the girls, educating them and raising them up to be God's girls! Praise the Lord! Many blessings to the Pallmann and Pallwomenn!