Tuesday, November 11, 2008

文化祭・Culture Day

I had to work this past Sunday due to Bunkasai, or culture day.

I really enjoy attending Culture Day, but I wish it were not on Sunday.
Not only do I miss church, but Debe and girls miss as well.

Well, at least it is only once every two years.

There were a lot of individual projects in art, music, English and Japanese. Oh yeah, they had some cool science things too (think "Slushie made from dry ice!).

The 2nd year students (8th graders) worked for 2 months on this huge Mosaic (pictured above).

They took a class photo (of 262 students) and blew it up to the size of 10 X 17 meters! They cut and glued each pixel by hand.

It was a lot of work -- I remember several times where some students got in trouble. Their punishment was to sit in seiza and cut out pixels.

Anyway, it made the newspaper.

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