Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Town #1 - Panya

Thought we'd post some interesting things that are in our town.

A big reason for our recent move was so that we would be closer to things (walking distance).
This way we hope to get more involved and meet more folks in town.

This is a bakery about 2 minutes away.
There are plenty of bakeries in Japan selling everything from different kinds of breads to cakes and even things like pizza.

A good, cheap place to get our "Pizza Fix"

However, this bakery is different. Although it sells the same items, it is a "Community Supported" bakery.

What that means is, it is also used as 1) a "co-op" to sell local fruits and vegetables, and 2) a training center for teaching the mentally challenged skills such as baking and growing and selling plants.

It is kind of unique, but more importantly, it is very delicious.

Emi likes the play house most of all!

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