Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Well we are so thankful for many things.

One thing we are thankful for is our "American sized" oven. After 6 years of smaller Japanese ovens, it is nice to have a larger oven.

The Japanese ovens work just fine, but they aren't big enough to cook a large casserole or something like a turkey.

Of course, they don't eat turkey here, so they don't see it as a problem.

This turkey was donated to our church for our annual Thanksgiving Potluck. God has blessed us with many generous people at our church.

Well, many people came: some came later (it isn't a holiday for most) and there were many first time guests.

After a great meal, we played a couple games and then they brought out the Pumpkin Pie!

Now they do sell Pumkin Pie in Okinawa, but this was the real thing; what a treat!

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クリステイーナ said...

Now that's what I call "Thanksgiving"....