Thursday, October 04, 2007

Guess Who's Standing? --UPDATED

Had to post this picture of Mika standing.

She just can't wait to run and play with her big sister, Emi.

We of course, could wait another couple months, but what can you do?

Actually, we do have a prayer request regarding Mika:
  • At her 6 month exam a couple weeks ago, the doctor was concerned because Mika had grown very little in the past 3 months (maybe a cm or less). Everything else seems to be developing just fine, but we are praying that she will grow at a faster rate.
Well, Mika grew 2 cm in 3 weeks! While she is still a lightweight, she is at least growing again. We are very thankful to God for His watching out for Mika.

Thanks for joining with us in prayer!

Stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong. -- 1 Cor 16:13


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! I like your guys' blog, it's witty and informative.

クリステイーナ said...

Wow, Mika is getting pretty big!
She's just as cute as her big sis Emi!

luv ya! Mika and Emi!!