Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My own room?

Before we moved to Ishikawa, we were living in a house in Naha.

One nice thing about the house was this large tatami room (straw mat). We would all sleep in there on the floor, plus it was a "safe" place to fall down for those just learning to walk.

Well, our apartment in Ishikawa is "American style", which means:
1) the toilet and bathtub are combined (they are in separate rooms in Japanese style apartments.
2) the apartment size is larger (which we desired for bible studies/fellowship), and
3) there is no tatami room.

This meant the girls would have their own room for the first time.

Emi loved the idea!...well, at least until bedtime. She got used to sleeping with us, I guess.

She does like having her own bed and room though and is getting more used to sleeping by herself.

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