Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Day, for kids

January 2nd and 3rd are times for family reunions in Japan.

We visit a few of Debe's Okinawan family on these days.

It is an exciting time for children as they receive otoshidama, or New Year's money.

Here is Emi opening her otoshidama.

Later, we went to Jusco (a Walmart-like store). We were surprised to see this rabbit pounding away with a hammer.

The Japanese say that there is a rabbit on the moon. They don't really believe it, but it is kind of like saying the moon is made of green cheese in the U.S.

Anyway, the rabbit on the moon is making mochi (a Japanese sweet). You do this by pounding it with a hammer for quite a while. This is fun for the kids to do, but Emi was not yet old enough to try.

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B in Kyushu said...

In Hawaii, we also say that there's a rabbit pounding poi. If you look at the full moon you can faintly see a shape of a rabbit holding a bowl. I guess that's where that comes from.