Sunday, October 08, 2006


Well, this weekend was the time for Tsukimi, or "moon viewing", in Japan. The first full moon in the fall (autumnal equinox) marks the official start of fall for many people.

In Japan, people say there is a rabbit on the moon. Not only that, but he is pounding mochi (rice cake)!

Many folks will have a moon viewing party or go to one of the festivals. We decided to go to Shuri Castle this year. Okinawan castles are distinct from Japanese castles. Unfortunately, they were all destroyed during WW2. Shuri castle was reconstructed, however, so it is fun to go there. It is cool at night because it is lit up and they had some Okinawan performances.

The coolest thing was, we met an old friend, Yasuo. We first met her in Hawaii 8 or 9 years ago. She remembered us and wants to get together. Hopefully she will come to church as she lives just down the road.

We came to see the moon, but God wanted us to reconnect with Yasuo. Pray that she will see her need for God in her life.

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B in Kyushu said...

Wow, there is no such thing as a chance encounter is there?

In Hawaii we say...
"Eh, da rabbit in da moon stay poundin' poi li'dat."