Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gas Up!

Well, gasoline has hit a new high in Japan.

In this photo, it costs 141 yen for a liter.
That's about $5.25 for a gallon!

The actual average price hit 144 yen yesterday. For some reason, Okinawa is a little bit cheaper: 130 ~ 135 yen.

I remember 3 years ago: gas could be purchased for 87 yen a liter.

I guess since Japan has no natural resources, that is part of the reason everything costs more here.


B in Kyushu said...

Yeah, you're telling me. When I first got my little k-car, it only took 2300 yen to fill the whole thing up with premium. Now it takes about 3000 yen to fill it up with regular!

The Pallmanns said...

Only 3000 yen? Man, that only fills half of my car!