Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bagels in Japan

There's a hole in my bread!

So back home getting a bagel is no big deal. Of course when you are from New York, you cannot help but compare other (less worthy) bagels to the ones they make in NY.

And, no, Lender's frozen bagels are not the same thing.

In Japan, you can get almost anything, but it isn't cheap. There are a few things that are very difficult to get however: 1) Pizza without some bizarre topping like squid or corn, 2) Mexican food, 3) Men's deodorant (besides a spray), and 4) Bagels.

Okinawa, though, is different. Here you can find American style pizza and good Mexican food. Recently, a friend clued us in to a bagel shop.

So even though it is named "31 daily bagels", they only have about 5 types.

How were they? Well, they were very good! They claim to be NY style and I have to say that they were: they loaded mine with ham and two cheeses. Debe had a generous helping of cream cheese on hers.

Emi had her version of bagel: soft bread. She enjoyed it just the same.

We are blessed to live in Okinawa!

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