Thursday, December 01, 2005

Japanese Christmas

Happy Holidays!

So it is December and soon Christmas will be upon us.
Japan is no exception. Gift giving and celebrations are a big part of Japanese culture (and I think even more so in Okinawa).

Of course, all the commercialism exists here too.
Unfortunately, you don't hear much about the true meaning of Christmas.

These are some of Dan's 1st grade students.

They are decorating a tree with origami decorations.

We made candy canes, Christmas trees, candles and elfish looking Santas. The Santa's aren't in red because he does not always wear red (that's an American tradition), but mostly it's because I used up all the red on the candy canes.

This was more colorful anyway.

So I figured "Hey origami! It's from Japan. These kids are Japanese, so they will be really good at it...well, not yet anyways.

We had fun though.

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Anonymous said...

Dan - great site. I check it almost everyday for updates. It looks like the kids are having lots of fun!