Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sports Day

Today was Undoukai, or Sports Day.

A day filled with running, exercise, and of course, lots of ceremonies.

This was Emi and Mika's first time.

After opening ceremonies (marching, speeches), it was time for rajio taiso, or radio warm-up.

Then there was a folk dance with the parents, mostly mothers.

Mika ran in a race for 1-2 year olds.

Notice how some sat down and refused to move. Mika won her first race (with a lot of help from Emi).

Although it looks like Emi is first, she is actually dead last. She made the classic mistake of looking to mama as if to ask, "Do I run now?" and got too far behind.

The highlight of these things has to be lunch.

You are supposed to make a bento (box lunch) for the family. Some people really went all out and made some really fancy bentos. Debe made some delicious bentos for all of us.

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