Sunday, October 26, 2008

Great Day!

It is always a wonderful day when someone decides to get baptized.

Image from "T-Ray"

There is a lot I could say about today, but I will limit it to a few observations:
  1. I appreciated the fact that since another church was already baptizing when we arrived, that we waited for them to finish, yet celebrated along with them.
  2. I also appreciated the fact that many of this other church stayed to watch/support our baptisms.
  3. It was amazing that two weeks after 8 were baptized, 5 more wanted to.
  4. It was awfully hot for the last week in October (high 80s?)
  5. It was a privilege to help out.
  6. Pastor Tim is really rocking in Japanese these days.
Although baptism is merely an outward show of an inward work, it has special meaning, especially in Japan. This was a big step for these saints. God will reward their faith!

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