Monday, March 12, 2007

Mama's Home!

Well, it was an interesting time while Debe was in the hospital.
We all had to pitch in more than usual; Baba (Debe's mom) was a big help watching Emi.

Timing-wise, it was perfect: Dan's last day of work was March 9, so now he is available to take over Debe's classes and help around the house.

One person in particular was very excited to have Debe home -- Emi.

Of course, she visited her mama all five days she was in the hospital, but was so happy to have her back.

So far, she really likes the idea of being a big sister... we'll see how long that lasts!

Since mama had a new baby, Emi got a new toy her 2nd favorite character, Elmo (she already has her favorite, Pooh)


all4good said...

man, that is soooo awesome guys...Praise the Lord!!! YES

ljd327 said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful. We can hardly wait to see her in person.

Dad and Rebecca

B in Kyushu said...

Both your kids are soooooo cute!!! I want an Elmo, too!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pallmanns! She is so beautiful! Congratulations to you! Can't wait till our girls meet!

Love and Aloha,
The Orpillas