Sunday, July 23, 2006

Suika Wari!

Why is this kid swinging a stick around blindfolded?
He could be insane...

Or, he could be participating in the Japanese game of suika wari! Suika, for watermelon and wari meaning "to break".

Yes, much like a pinata the goal is to make a hole where there was none before.

Now you might be thinking, "yeah, but there isn't even any candy in there!", which would be correct. Consider though that a watermelon of this size could cost $20 or more!

Eventually someone got it.

This was a church party at our friends, Mike and Kazumi's church. Sorry Mike, you aren't in the picture.

It was a lot of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dan - that watermellon looks great and I bet it tasted even better. I guess I should really appreciate it when the mellons go on a sale here for $3.99...