Saturday, July 29, 2006

Debe's Birthday

So today was Debe's birthday.
This year she turns...well, let's just say she
is another year older, but not as old as me!

To celebrate, we went on a date (a rarity with a toddler -- Debe's mom was kind enough to watch Emi).

We went to a restaurant called "Daikon no Hana".

What is interesting about this restaurant is: It is tabehoudai, which means "all you can eat", which is great! However, there is no meat. It is all vegetables. No beef. No chicken. Not even fish. Okay, there was a little sirloin in one dish. A true vegetarian's delight, I'm sure. It did all taste good though!

Afterwards we went to see the Pirates of the Caribbean 2, which Debe had wanted to see. We enjoyed it, but didn't care for the ending...

Happy Birthday Debe!


e3missions said...

Happy Birthday Debe,

Remember, it is not that you are one year older. You are one year older in the Lord. Praise God.

Love, Pastor Tommy and Joanna

oki4jesus said...

All you can eat with no meat is sin. I think the bible says that:)
Happy B-day.

pastor rick & family

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Debe!!

George Sedota said...

I did not like the ending too!