Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Garden - Day 1

Thought we would try something different this year; we are making an "Easter Garden."

A couple weeks before Easter we begin adding parts to our Garden. Each piece is significant and points us towards God.

Day 1 - The Pot

On this day we focus on the pot. 

It is nothing special on its own, yet it is set aside for a certain purpose. Many "vessels" have certain purposes, some are noble (fine china, fancy goblets), while others are much more mundane (trashcan, ashtray). 

God says that we too are vessels.  2 Timothy says that we need to keep our vessel pure so that we may be suitable for more noble purposes. Hey, nobody wants to eat from a trashcan, right? Let's remain pure and dedicated for God's purposes in order that He will use us for His noble purposes.  

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