Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VBS at Calvary Chapel Okinawa

This week was pretty busy and a lot of fun!  We attended VBS, which was a Double Blessing-- not only could the girls attend, but Debe and I were able to help out.

Each day went something like this:
Children arrive at the church and are greeted inside and out with an "Island" theme (Our VBS is Promise Island). Yeah, it's a little weird to do a tropical island theme while ON a tropical island...
 First there is a large group meeting where we sing, pray, watch a skit about today's "promise."
 Then each group moves to a different room. This was the games activity which Dan helped with.
 There was a Drama room as well; the sets were great!  Here are Paul and Silas in "Jail."
 Josh and Zach helping out with the drama.
 There was a craft activity each day as well.  All the activities related to the same Promise.

The smiles say it all!

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