Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Program

Our school had its annual Christmas Program on Friday.  Both Emi and Mika were in it, but so far no video of them has surfaced.

It is usually just for elementary students, but this year they allowed a few select older students perform.  It was kind of neat to see the high schoolers be a part of this.  They really worked hard and well with the younger students, so hopefully this will become a regular thing.

While the kids were cute and the show went well, this really was meant to be an outreach.

The show itself, The Best Christmas Present Ever, talked about God's gift to us: Jesus Christ, but there were also tracts in the Program Guides, free literature available, and even an invitation given at the end of the show. We pray that these seeds will grow into fruit.

Our girls had a blast (even super shy Mika) and were ready to "do it again!"

High School Students: The Wise Guys

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