Saturday, January 16, 2010

Frank W Pallmann (1939 - 2010)

This week my father passed away. The son of German immigrants, growing up in Brooklyn was not easy. He was the "stereotypical" German: hardworking and stubborn, although he never drank beer.

We were not able to make it back to New York for the funeral, but if I were there I would have shared this:

My father was a good man. If I had to describe him using just one word, I think that word would be "Faithful." He was faithful in many ways:
  • He was a faithful worker. I remember how he tried hard to be honest even when everyone else was ripping off the company. I remember how he tried to be a light, by sharing his faith, even though others did not seem interested.
  • He was a faithful husband. He was faithful to his one and only love, my mother. He stuck by her through 2 bouts of cancer. As my brother put it, "Even after her death 15 years ago, a day did not go by where he did not think and talk about her." Thankfully they are together now.
  • He was a faithful Christian. My earliest memories are of going to church. He was always helping out with teaching or ushering. But I especially remember that he was the one to lead me to the Lord. He later volunteered with the Gideons.
Although I regret that my daughters did not get to know him, they will still "know" him in a sense: he has passed on many positive attributes to his four sons. I know that he was proud of all of us and we will all miss him.


goodcookbecky said...

What a nice tribute to Dad, Dan! I was sorry I could not be there in person, but having him out at Thanksgiving, was nice! Dave says the viewing was very uplifting and encouraging!

Becky P.

Chuck and Yumi Robb said...

Dan, thank you for sharing. Reading about your father brings me into tears. What a great father you had. I am looking forward to meeting him in heaven one day. Praying for you and your family.