Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mika's First Birthday

Well, Mika is 1 year old today!

We just had a small family gathering, as Emi just had the chicken-pox
and we're waiting for Mika to break out next. (we didn't want to spread the pox to anyone else!)

She got some new clothes...

Emi saved up enough coins to buy Mika some rubber boots. ("Now we can walk in the rain together!")

Mika had fun tasting cake for the first time.

We did the traditional game of "What will she be in the future?" This is where you lay out several items (a pen, some money, a book, some food and an abacus). Supposedly, whatever they pick will determine their future (choosing money = you'll be rich; choose the book = a good education). If memory serves, Emi chose a pen, so maybe she'll be a writer some day. Not even close, right now.

Anyways, Mika (in true Pallmann form) chose the food. If nothing else, she'll be well fed!


Natsuki said...

Mika chan, omedetou!
2 beautiful girls,
what a blessing!

Trevor Raichura said...

Happy Birthday, Mika!

Matt and Jess Andersen said...

Wow, she's grown so much since we left! What a blessing you guys have with those two beautiful girls. Hope all is well and enjoy the rain! Its still cold here in NJ.