Saturday, May 05, 2007

Children's Day

Happy Children's Day!

Actually, this whole week is a holiday known as "Golden Week" -- Gold as in a great opportunity to relax or travel, and Gold in the sense that much money will be spent. May 5 used be called "Boy's Day" (and still is by many), but it was kind of unfair; Girl's Day (March 3) was not a day off from work, while Boy's Day was.

Anyway, we did not travel or relax too much as we still had other classes to teach. We did, however, sneak away for a few hours...

We went to the Outlet Mall and they had this train.

Emi gets excited about riding the train all the up until it is time to actually get on the train. Then she kind of freaks out. But once we are seated with tambourine in hand, she is fine.

Japan has the coolest parks. This one is across from the Outlet Mall.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Dad and Emi are having FUN!