Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Almost Here

So we have about 5 weeks to go before the birth.

We had a huge blessing on Sunday: the baby turned (on her own) and is now in the proper position!

We were praying that it would happen naturally and God answered our prayers!

It looks like it will be another girl, so Emi will have a little sister to play with (or boss around).

It is amazing that you can make out features on the sonogram.

(okay, so the doctor drew in the eyes, but it's neat just the same)


The Phipps Family said...

Hello Pallmann family, those pictures are so cool! We really are so blessed for you and excited for the new baby. I realized I don't have you email so I hope you read this comment. Our Blog that we update is: http://phippsfamilyof5.blogspot.com/
And Debbie my email is fphipps1@hotmail.com, please email me your address. Thanks. God Bless, Farah

Anonymous said...

Stomach getting big!!!
I can't waite to see her!!
What her name going to be?

I love you so much and
I miss you so much,

The Pallmanns said...

Hi Sute,
It looks like I'm carrying a watermelon, huh! I'm thinking "Mika" for a first name. We're almost set on a middle name.
Miss you too!

Debe :)

Anonymous said...

"Mika" is good name!
what kind of kanji going to be?

Love always,

The Pallmanns said...

"beautiful flower"

Trevor Raichura said...

Awesome - I love the name "Mika"... I can't wait for the big day! (Debe I'm sure you are way more excited than anyone!)

B in Kyushu said...

"美花" is this correct? Great name! You must be getting excited!

Anonymous said...

That's good!
I like this Kanji, I'm pretty sure I would choose that one too.

I miss you all,
love you all,